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STAND-UP PADDLE BOARDS    The Newest Craze in Watersports !

Stand-Up Paddling is The NEWEST CRAZE in water sports !

Stand Up Paddling (SUP) is the ultimate experience for people of all ages to enjoy on almost any body of water. It's easy to learn and a fantastic source of entertainment and exercise !
SUP is also one of the few sports that works almost every muscle in your body - from head to toe.

HOW EASY IS IT TO STAND-UP PADDLE ? - A beginner can be up and paddling solo in about 20 minutes ! If you're already familiar with water sports and have some experience with surfing or windsurfing - you'll be up and running in 30 seconds ! " Keep your feet hip-width apart and look out at the horizon " are the two commandments of Stand-Up Paddling. It's as simple as that !

WHAT DO YOU NEED TO STAND-UP PADDLE ? - Each Stand-Up Paddle 'Kit' is comprised of : Stand-Up Paddle Board, Stand-Up Paddle and Stand-Up Leash. At a minimum that's all it takes ! Carry it to the water's edge, place it in the water, stand up and paddle ! Other items for consideration include - life jacket, wetsuit, board bag and roof rack. Simple - Simple - Simple !

Stand Up Paddling is extremely flexible ! You can choose where you SUP to diversify your workouts ! You can SUP any time of the day. Chill out with a coastline paddle in the early morning, mid-afternoon or after work. Have a catch-up session with your friends, meet new friends as you cruise past each other. It's easy on your mind; you literally meditate - all the while working to increase endurance, tone your physique and strengthen your core muscle group.

You'll never experience the combination of core exercise, thrill of the water
and being outdoors quite like this !

In a fast and competitive world 'recreation' means squeezing relaxation, social networking, fun AND exercise into the limited amount of free time we have. For a long time watershy people stayed on the beach because traditional water sports seemed too daunting. And let's face it, not everyone has an ocean on their doorstep.

Well it's time to shift that mindset !
Stand-Up Paddling is here !
ANYONE can do it !

WHY STAND-UP PADDLE ? - SUP is the hottest way to get afull body workout with the foundation of core strength ! It's the combination of paddling and balance coordination that improves overall core strength, making this the most fantastic cross-training sport in the world !

WHERE CAN YOU STAND-UP PADDLE ? - Anywhere there's water !   The Great Lakes, Inland Lakes, Rivers, Ponds.
The typical board is 10' - 12' long and weighs only 22 lbs. It's easy to carry and it's easy to stow on top of any vehicle ! GO ANYWHERE !

WHO CAN STAND-UP PADDLE ? - Anybody can learn to Stand-Up Paddle ! If you've always wanted to enjoy the water but felt overwhelmed by a need for experience - Stand-Up Paddling is for YOU !   C4 Boards are designed to accomodate a wide range of experience. They have the market's most extensive product line.

WHEN CAN YOU STAND-UP PADDLE ? - Almost year-round ! The only impediment to Stand-Up Paddling is the water turning to ice ! This sport lengthens the watersports season from early March through mid-November in the Midwest. On inland lakes and ponds, even a beginner can acquire enough skill to maintain a completely dry SUP-session in the coldest water !

Welcome to this exciting, new and fast-growing sport !


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